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Adobe should cut its losses with Apple and target its flagship Flash Player at telecoms carriers, independent analyst Ovum has claimed in a new report*. With the spat over Apple's refusal to support the Adobe Flash technology on its iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices continuing to generate column inches, Ovum believes it is time for Adobe to turn the tables by courting new sponsors of its technology in the shape of telecoms operators. The report states that Adobe and telecoms carriers are faced with similar threats and share similar goals in relation to value-added applications and content, and that carriers should therefore seek an industry-wide partnership with Adobe to use Flash as the basis of their own multi-screen device, development, delivery, and distribution systems. Ovum believes both sides could work together to create a developer ecosystem around connect... (more)

Adobe Flex Rules, Everything Else Drools

A reader feedback in response to Yakov Fain's recent article "Rich Internet Applications - State of the Union" reads as follows: "This blog is certainly not an unbiased analysis, even though it's pretending to be just that. The article is basically "Flex rules, everything else drools". It goes on and on about the good things about Flex, while giving only cursory coverage of Flex drawbacks. Meanwhile, it's just the opposite regarding the other technologies, going on and on about drawbacks, and giving only cursory coverage of advantages. Case in point, Yakov says that Java Swing de... (more)

"Real-World Flex" — Flex 2, the Flash Player, ActionScript and More

With its free features, such as the Flex SDK, Flex 2 uses Adobe's ubiquitous Flash Player as its runtime, which is why Adobe can confidently predict millions of users and 1,000,000 developers. That, according to Flex Product Manager Eric Anderson (pictured), is the key to understanding the potential of Flex: it is going to have the widest reach of any other technology in the world. Anderson's talk was particularly useful for anyone wishing to master Flex Data Services, and his demos were well received by the completely full Grand Ballroom at SYS-CON Events' "Real-World Flex" One-... (more)

MAX 2006: Day Two Keynote Report – Adobe Founder Joins the Fun; CEO Chizen, Too

"The innovation we are most excited about," said Bruce Chizen, Adobe's CEO, "is Apollo, which we believe will revolutionize the way the world will interact with the Web in the future." He was speaking here in Las Vegas at MAX 2006, the biggest ever Adobe developer conference. "The possibilities for Adobe and you the developer community," he told the 3000 or so assembled attendees, "are endless." Chizen was pleased with the progress that Adobe had made since the merger with Macromedia, he said. The net net, for developers and designers: "a lot of tools and resources to get your jobs... (more)

RIA Tookits, Frameworks and IDEs: How Do You Really Choose the Right One?

This session will address issues to consider when selecting an AJAX toolkit and the most effective IDE for the implementation. It will identify the 30-40 UI components most commonly used in business and mission critical software applications that can be used as a benchmark for evaluating various toolkits, then explore the top evaluation criteria including component behaviors, customization, flexibility, frameworks, licensing and documentation. Attendess will be provided with a comparison survey for the 6-8 most widely used AJAX UI component libraries. Further discussion will addr... (more)